Celeste Labadie, LMFT

Founder - The Anxiety Relief Method


Healed Healer 

Celeste Labadie is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She empowers clients to heal their stress and anxiety with effective clearing methods.

Her speciality is helping her clients to free energy by releasing inner burdens and old outdated programs that cause reactive behaviors or thoughts.

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 Coach - Mentor - Guide 

Inspired by the quickness and adaptability of the human brain, Celeste practices and teaches protocols founded in clinical hypnotherapy and leading edge neuropsychology concepts.

I mentor my clients and mental health practitioners with tools that increase emotional well-being by clearing any harsh material or effects from the past.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Regis University



The Anxiety Relief Method – ARM

Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy – TIH

Rapid Resolution Therapy – RRT

PACT Couple Therapy – Level  2

Imago Couple Therapy


With great respect to my mentors and teachers whose framework and materials have informed The Anxiety Relief Method and my success working with individuals, couples and clinicians. Thank you to Courtney Armstrong, Stan Tadkin, Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, Jon Connelly, and Harville Hendrix.

"What a truly amazing experiences it’s been working with Celeste. I felt lighter when I left our first session. The tools and her way of helping you overcome your hurdles is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I recommend her with the highest regard."

Certified Life and Business Coach

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The Anxiety Relief Method

Discover the remedy for your anxiety.

Turn Off and Uninstall Anxiety

Collective Connection

Individual and family counseling, and clinician mentorship.

Lasting Transformation

Couples Therapy in Boulder

PACT Level 2 therapy with couples.

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