2020 Anxiety Relief Clinics 


Discover ease and calm.
Every day is a new beginning to re-establish
more peace and purpose.

Offering monthly online community gatherings in 2020 was truly a gift for me to share intentional connection with you!

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New gatherings for 2021 coming soon! 


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Anxiety Relief Clinic Courses 

Hopefulness, Heartfulness, Oneness 

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Increase Flexibility and Strengthen Your Immunity


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Parenting with Confidence, Ease and Acceptance


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"I felt so much better after attending the Anxiety Relief Clinic. I had been very stressed that day. I noticed my neck pain went away by the end of the hour. You offer such a peaceful presence too. Thank you Celeste."
- J.M.

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Meet Celeste

Founder of ARM - The Anxiety Relief Method, Celeste Labadie, LMFT uses the power of mind to clear anxiety without any emotional pain or discomfort.

Designed to clear the brain's response to stress and emotional reactions, Anxiety Relief Clinics offer powerful and fun exercises that work instantly and effortlessly.

Celeste Labadie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She empowers clients to heal their stress and anxiety with effective clearing methods. Celeste is passionate about guiding clients to deep and lasting change to reset overwhelm, anxiety, and difficult emotions.

She trains and mentors clinicians in her method and works with individuals and couples in private practice and through telehealth video sessions. 

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Shift to Uplift - My Gift to You

An honor to offer my premier method live and online throughout 2020.

My monthly gatherings help you release any fear, trauma or overwhelm you may be experiencing during the global crisis and beyond.

Each 1 hour Anxiety Relief Clinic teaches you easy and powerful tools that you can use right now. 


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